When it comes to closing,
let's open some new doors.

Title Services, Reimagined.

You've worked hard to find your home, so you deserve an exceptional closing. We make sure that your experience is surprisingly easy, convenient, and personable—with flawless service and impeccable accuracy. You've earned this. Let us take it from here.

Protect Your Investment

A loan policy protects the lender, not the homeowner. Title insurance protects owners financially from tax liens, forged signatures, chain of title recording errors, title search errors, and claims by missing heirs and/or ex-spouses.

Store Important Documents

We safeguard important real estate documentation to ensure peace of mind.

Why Us?

Real estate brokerages often recommend their favorite title companies, so those companies work harder to earn their business than yours. At Closing Hub, we live up to our name by focusing on you, not the brokerage. Here’s the Closing Hub Difference:


We’ve carefully selected the region’s top title professionals—people who have a customer service mindset and a proven track record of putting clients first. Our team has spent over 50 years in the industry. We know what works, and we’re driven to do things better.


Real estate transactions are notoriously complex and full of unpleasant surprises. Our title professionals were hired for their attention to detail, and we pride ourselves on eliminating mistakes before they happen.


When you’re closing on a house, you want answers fast. Our team knows the meaning of ‘ASAP’ and is always happy to answer your questions and communicate issues early to problems can be resolved quickly. Bottom line: Our job is to remove stress, not add to it.


We’re owned and operated right here in Minnesota. That means in addition to being familiar with local ordinances and state laws, we’re also active members of this community. We’re passionate about helping our neighbors—and our neighborhoods—thrive.


Other title companies rely on Realtor® “referrals.” We design a closing experience around youBy the time you get to closing, you’ve already gone through a stressful process. You deserve a positive closing, so we make the experience feel like a joyous celebration at the end of a long journey.

C.A.R.L Mobile Closing Unit

(Closing At a Range of Locations)

Closing made easier with our mobile closing unit

About Us

At Closing Hub, we walk with you every step of the way!

If you've ever been disappointed by an intimidating, stressful and impersonal closing process, you know that the industry needs an overhaul.

Our philosophy is simple: Long-term success comes from trust, and you earn trust by delivering an experience that’s memorable for the right reasons.

Other title companies rely on Realtor® "referrals.” We earn your business by doing something simple yet revolutionary in the industry: Designing a closing experience around you.

Happy Clients

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